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Experience Pure Driving Excitement in Bluffton, SC in the New 2017 Toyota 86

November 15th, 2016

New 2017 86 Stokes Brown Toyota Hilton Head

With its light body, rear-wheel drive chassis and nimble handling, the new 2017 86 models at Stokes-Brown Toyota of Hilton Head are a force to be reckoned with both on the track, and the streets of Bluffton, South Carolina. Inspired by generations of enthusiasts, we took the DNA of the innovative AE86 and gave it a modern twist to create the purest sports car we’ve ever produced – the 2017 Toyota 86. These all-new models are everything a modern day sports car should be, and they’re all backed by Toyota’s proven technology.

The body of 2017 Toyota 86 was engineered to be as light and strong as possible, helping to boost both efficiency and overall performance. What’s more, this unit-body design also puts the engine lower to the ground, helping to optimize the center of gravity and provide a truly balanced Bluffton, South Carolina driving experience. All-new 86 models offer a sport-tuned suspension that features revised spring rates, updated shock components and a new rear sway bar. They all work together to help sharpen turns and enhance grip over uneven surfaces, enabling you to carve the corners in Bluffton with surgical precision and performance. And when the drive calls for calmer inputs, the suspension of the new 2017 Toyota 86 is supple enough to all vehicle occupants to ride in total comfort.

Sporty Interior Space

Toyota 86 models feature an ergonomic, leather-wrapped steering wheel that feels great in your hands and, thanks to the smaller diameter and quick-ratio steering, feels amazing when negotiating even the sharpest corners Bluffton, South Carolina has to offer. With new integrated audio controls, owners of the new 2017 Toyota 86 get easier access to everything, including their music, helping them stay in complete control of everything the all-new 86 has to offer. Deeply bolstered front seats bring added comfort to longer drives, and they hold you in place when the roads of Bluffton, South Carolina get a little twisty. Granlux trim located on the upper side bolsters provide extra grip and an added sense of luxury, while silver-like accent stitching further enhances the premium feel of all-new 2017 Toyota 86.

The suede-like Granlux material shows off the sophisticated side of the new 2017 86 models at Stokes-Brown Toyota of Hilton Head. All-new Granlux trim accents cover key touch-points on the door panels, upper-seat bolsters and dash, while an embossed “86” logo above the passenger-side glove box adds an extra bit of style to this innovative sports car interior. A standard folding rear seat lets you bring your friends, or your gear, along for the ride. With 6.9 cubic feet of space in the trunk [1], you can fit all of the essential items you’ll need for a Bluffton, South Carolina weekend getaway. Folding the rear seat down increases total cargo area, giving you enough space to carry an extra set of wheels and tires for those race-day excursions.

2017 Toyota 86 Bluffton SC

Designed to Thrill

2017 Toyota 86 models come with a close-ratio 6-speed transmission that provides both breathtaking acceleration and impressive fuel economy. The sequential automatic transmission of the 86 features a manual shift mode that allows Bluffton, South Carolina to select the gear you want via the gear-select lever or steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. For those who prefer three pedals, the manual transmission of the new 2017 Toyota 86 gives short, precise throws for a driving experience like no other.

At the heart of the all-new 86 models at Stokes-Brown Toyota of Hilton Head is a potent 2.0-liter flat-four engine. With its horizontally opposed pistons and compact packaging, this engine sits low in the chassis in an effort to provide optimal balance and performance. In manual transmission-equipped cars, this innovative engine has been revised to reduce friction and pumping loss, helping to provide an optimized power curve that takes your everyday Bluffton drive to all-new heights. These stylish new sports car have got some muscle too, with manual transmission cars getting 205 horsepower and 156 lb.-ft. of torque, plus a new aluminum red intake manifold. In the automatic-equipped 86, its boxer engine pumps out 200 horsepower and 151 lb.-ft. of torque.

The Much Anticipated 86 has Arrived

Ready to see what the new 2017 Toyota 86 is really all about? Visit Stokes-Brown Toyota of Hilton Head to get a firsthand look at the style and innovation that makes up the all-new 2017 86 models. Premium performance combines with precision craftsmanship to create a modern day sports car like no other.

[1] Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution.

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