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Find Your Toyota 4Runner in Bluffton

September 15th, 2016

Drivers today face a plethora of available options when looking to buy a new car. Most buyers end up having to settle on a car that does not satisfy all their needs. However, with the selection of Toyota 4Runners in Bluffton at Stokes Brown Toyota Hilton Head buyers can combine their desires into one high quality, durable, and great looking SUV.

Built for the Adventure

The toughness and durability of the new and improved Toyota 4Runner allows it’s drivers the confidence to achieve any of their adventure goals. With the selection of Toyota 4Runner in Bluffton, the whole supply comes with these great features. The 4.0 liter V6 engine allows the driver access to 270 Horsepower and 278 lbs of torque allowing for towing capability of an impressive 5000 pound lbs. The Hill Start Assist control gives the vehicle operator an added sense of support while driving on hills by selectively applying the brakes to assist in maintaining a consistent speed throughout a trek. With the unpredictability of the physical terrain around, even the most dependable vehicle can struggle. To help with unexpected events, the 4Runner also comes equipped with skid plates; body armor to protect the engine, front suspension, and fuel tank. Furthermore, the full size spare is located along the back bumper for easy access to a quick tire change. ¬†Often times the brakes of a car may be problematic after a tough hike upwards due to their heating up, but with all of the Toyota 4Runner, the ventilated disc brakes keep the brakes cool and ready for full use at all times.


Hard to Miss

With the great look, the 4Runner is hard to miss out on the open road. However, sometimes in the wilderness vehicles can be tough to locate due to many surrounding factors. The 4Runner, however, offers high power projector beam headlights so the driver and other cars alike can’t miss anything in the way. In addition to the headlights, the LED taillights send a bright message to cars behind during the nighttime and in poor weather when visibility may be limited.


A Luxurious Inside

As the 4Runner opens up, a cool and crisp interior unfolds to the passengers of the car. The top notch materials used on the seats allow the riders of the Toyota 4Runner to enjoy every second of their journey. In addition to the materials used on the seats, there is a special 8-way power adjustable system to allow anyone to find their perfect position. For a both a casual drive in the neighborhood or an intense voyage through rugged terrain, the Power Moon Roof allows those in the car a gaping view of the world above them as well as a chance to enjoy the incoming fresh air. The inside also has the latest technology that allows for a safer and calmer ride with the rear facing camera useful for parking and backing out of a parking spot. Many drivers dread parallel parking, but the 4runner minimizes this fear with a series of tones to alert the driver when an obstacle is near. The 6.1 inch display screen allows for easy usage of the Integrated navigation system for utilizing maps, weather doppler, and music. For the music, bluetooth may also be connected through your phone or music device to quick and easy access to a little bit of music motivation on the road.Furthermore, the navigation system comes with a huge set of apps that can help you find dinner reservations, discover new music, and even find the necessary equipment for your next 4Runner adventure.


Your Toyota 4Runner in Bluffton

With all these great features, one must look for a reason to choose another car over the versatile 4Runner. For your very own Toyota 4Runner in Bluffton, head over to Stokes Brown Toyota Hilton Head. Come find your perfect Toyota 4Runner in Bluffton today!

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