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Get Ready for the 2017 Toyota Highlander in Hilton Head

March 30th, 2017

Family vehicles that combine practicality with fun and excitement are difficult to find.  However if you’re looking for a 2017 Toyota Highlander in Hilton Head, consider your search over. Stokes Brown Toyota Hilton Head is showcasing the brand new 2017 Highlander to meet all of your family and transportation needs.  Family vacations will never be the same after experiencing them in a Toyota Highlander.  So gather the kids, break out the map, and plan to make your family’s dreams come true!

A Vehicle to Please Every Passenger


Remember those long, boring road trips your parents would drag you on when you were younger?  Well with the Toyota Highlander, your children will have nothing but great memories of family vacations.  Eight passengers can comfortably and conveniently travel with the interior modifications available with the Highlander.  Five USB ports are available for your friends and family to watch movies on their devices, read or listen to audio books, or sing along to their favorite travel mixes.  A 9-inch display connected to an in-vehicle BluRay system allows for everyone to enjoy a movie, while the separate USB ports allow individuals to focus on their own entertainment.

Of course with eight passengers comes a lot of equipment.  The rear suspension of the Highlander has been redesigned to allow for more trunk space, and the rear seats have the ability to either fold flat or recline to accommodate everyone’s luggage or sporting equipment.  The Highlander can also tow up to 5000 pounds of equipment for those outdoor adventures or camping trips.  Your family in a unique unit, so if someone is fine bringing a fishing pole and another wants to bring a kayak?  The Toyota Highlander can handle it.

The most impressive design aspect of the Highlander’s interior?  It’s quiet.  The Highlander has insulation materials built into the floor to silence road noise, and the windshield is built with an acoustic type glass that reduces noise entering the vehicle. This allows your family to enjoy watching a movie while gazing through the panoramic moon roof without being interrupted or annoyed by noise from the drive.

Keeping Your Family Safe


Contrasting the excitement of a dream vacation is the concern of facing the dangers of the road for a prolonged period of time.  The 2017 Toyota Highlander was built with exactly that concern in mind.  Not only does the Highlander come equipped with the fantastic Toyota Safety Sense software, but also adheres to Toyota’s Star Safety System.  The Star Safety System consists of six active safety features to increase vehicle stability, complete braking control, and collision detection and aversion.  Eight airbags throughout the interior provide protection for all passengers, and a LATCH system is included to properly secure smaller members of your family.  Finally, a Tire Pressure Monitor System alerts the driver when any tires might need to be serviced.  The Highlander does all this work in the background, so you can enjoy your adventure knowing your family is in safe hands.

Modern Technology for a Modern Adventure


Gone are the days of folding and unfolding maps trying to figure out if you chose the best route.  The 2017 Toyota Highlander comes equipped with everything you need to arrive to your destination hassle free.  The Entune Multimedia Bundle accompanies an eight inch touchscreen for complete control over navigation, radio, and any of your favorite applications.  With a lot of passengers comes a lot of specific temperature preferences, and the three-zone climate control is an easy way to keep everyone comfortable.  The Driver Easy Speak function even includes a microphone in the front of the vehicle that allows for easy communication from the front to the back, whether it’s which radio station to play or where the next meal should be.  The technology of the 2017 Toyota Highlander keeps everyone in touch and in tune, from the driver to whoever claimed the back seat.

Start Your Journey Today

In order to get started on your adventures with your 2017 Toyota Highlander in Hilton Head is to visit Stokes Brown Toyota of Hilton Head, Bluffton, SC.  Their wide variety of models and features will be your first journey, but it certainly won’t be your last.

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